image Dr. Maria Grazia Spurio
University of Rome


Dr. Maria Grazia Spurio currently working as Director of educational and psychological center "Genius Academy", She received her doctorate in Social and Psychological Researches and Disciplines from La Sapienza University of Rome, she is currently APA member (American Psychological Association) and Centstupsi member (Study Center for Psychiatry). She received a second level master in neuropsychiatry and neuropsychology from L.U.M.S.A. University of Rome.

Dr. Maria Grazia Spurio applies the scientific methods to her research studies, observations and publications. The focus is not only on the disease and the illness, but on the strength and well-being of the individual by drawing on the resources rather than on weaknesses. He has published several books and articles in specialized journals on the topics of healing through the use of words in psychotherapy, the mind - body circularity and recursivity as well as research projects in the field of prevention.

Research Interest

Mirror neurons
Emotional intelligence
Body and mind circularity and recursivity
Strategic therapy
Depression and cancer

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