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Mathews Journal of Ophthalmology (MJO; ISSN 2474-6932) is an open acess journal that publishes original and arresting research on a variety of ophthalmology-related topics, such as optometry, visual science, cell biology and genetics of the eye, primary and secondary eye care, pharmacology and drug-based therapy in eye diseases, patient education regarding eye health, patient safety, quality of care improvements, patient compliance and satisfaction with treatment regimens.

The journal places special emphasis on eye-related disorders, such as red eye, corneal abrasion, corneal ulcers, graves ophthalmopathy, ophthalmia, amblyopia, anisometropia, color blindness, deuteranopia, dyschromotopsia, glaucoma, isopter, and peripapillary atrophy. MJO is an indispensable source of ophthalmology-related information for the general practitioners, specialists, subspecialists, and trainees.

MJO publishes innovative and clinically relevant ophthalmology research, and is therefore the first choice for authors aiming to submit their manuscripts pertaining to vision and for authors aiming to subject their manuscripts to an unbiased and authoritative peer review.

Why publish with us?

High Visibility: Mathews Journal of Ophthalmology (MJO) follows open access policy that allows the published articles in the journal will reach across the globe.
Promotion in Social Media: Once an article is published online, MJO provides article alerts and regular email updates to subscribers through its social media platforms.
Rigorous peer review: Every manuscript submitted undergoes a thorough and rigorous double-blind peer-review. This process eliminates subjective judgments and bias from the decision making process.

We welcome all types of articles related to Ophthalmology. For submission assistance contact: [email protected]. Please follow the Author Guidelines.

If you are not sure whether your work is suitable for this journal, please email us at [email protected].com or call us at +1-606-405–6566.

Recently Published Articles
Case Report


Published : 21st December 2020
Authors : Anubhav Chauhan1*, Poonam Samyal2, Kulbhushan Prakash Chaudhary3
Citation : Chauhan A, et al. (2020). Picture in Picture. Mathews J Ophthalmol. (5)1:25.

Opinion Article

The Intellectual Human Eye

Published : 31st July 2019
Author :

Berov G Lyubomir*
Citation : Lyubomir BG. (2019). The Intellectual Human Eye. Mathews J Ophthalmol 4(1): 23.

Research Article

Variability in Topographic Measurements in Keratoconus

Published : 30th July 2019
Authors : Burcu Kasım*, and Yusuf Koçluk
Citation : Kasım B. (2019). Variability in Topographic Measurements in Keratoconus. Mathews J Ophthalmol 4(1): 24.

Commentary Article

ATM is a Gene Target in the Clinical Following of Diabetic Retinopathy

Published : 12th November 2018
Authors : Perla M. Madrigal-Ruiz1 ,Sergio Alberto Ramirez-Garcia2 ,Luis J. Flores-Alvarado1 , Dalia A. Madrigal-Ruiz3 ,Eder Axel Suarez Villanueva4 ,Lorena G. Ramón Canul2 ,Mauro Alberto Sánchez Hernández5 ,María Elena Aguilar-Aldrete6 ,Rosalba RuizMejía1
Citation : Madrigal-Ruiz PM, Ramirez-Garcia SAR, FloresAlvarado LJ, Madrigal-Ruiz DA, et al. (2018). Atm is a Gene Target in the Clinical Following of Diabetic Retinopathy. Mathews J Ophthalmol 3(1): 022.

Case Report

Sebaceous Adenoma

Published : 01st October 2018
Author : Anubhav Chauhan
Citation :

Chauhan A and Singh S. (2018). Sebaceous Adenoma. Mathews J Ophthalmol 3(1): 021.

Research Article

Efficacy of the Supramaximal Technique in the Correction of Palpebral ptosis. Randomized Surgical Trial

Published : 18th September 2018
Authors : C. María Cáceres Toledo1,Odalys Cáceres Toledo2,María Eva Saavedra Saavedra3
Citation : Toledo MC, Toledo OC and Saavedra MES. (2018) Efficacy of the Supramaximal Technique in the Correction of Palpebral Ptosis. Randomized Surgical trial. Mathews J Ophthalmol 3(1): 020.

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