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Mathews Journal of Otolaryngology (MJOT)  is an open access journal that publishes original research on topics, such as rhinology & anterior skull base surgery, pediatric and geriatric otolaryngology, sinusitis, rhinitis, allergy, laryngology, hearing loss, otology, speech science, bronchoesophagology, tonsillectomy, laryngitis, audiology, head & neck oncology, head & neck surgery, maxillofacial rehabilitation, and facial plastic & reconstructive surgery. 

By definition, otolaryngology is a domain of medicine that involves dealing with disorders of the ear, nose, or base of the skull and related structures. MJOT provides a platform for researchers from all over world to share their research findings. MJOT places special focus on conditions, such as congenital deformities of the ear & temporal bone, hearing loss, disorders of equilibrium, neurological and vascular causes of vertigo, facial paralysis, tinnitus, chronic suppurative otitis media and its intracranial complications, ear trauma, airway disorders in childhood, and nose and sinus infections.

This famed international journal has a Reviewer and Editorial Board comprising authoritative names in the field. This journal accepts manuscripts in the form of original research articles, review articles, case reports, and short communications.

Why publish with us?

High Visibility:
 MJOT follows open access policy that allows increased visibility to the published articles.
Promotion in Social Media: MJOT aggressively promotes the published articles on social media.
Rigorous peer review: Every manuscript submitted undergoes a thorough and rigorous double-blind peer-review. This process eliminates subjective judgments and bias from the decision making process.

We welcome all types of articles related to Otolaryngology. For submission assistance contact: i[email protected]. Please follow the Author Guidelines.

If you are not sure whether your work is suitable for this journal, please email us at i[email protected] or call us at +1-606-405–6566.

Recently Published Articles
Review Article

Sound-Sensitive Molecules

Published : 18th April 2024
Author : Myjkowski Jan*
Citation : Myjkowski J. (2024). Sound-Sensitive Molecules. Mathews J Otolaryngol. 3(1):08.

Review Article

Problems with Bekesy's Traveling Wave Theory

Published : 16th April 2024
Authors : Myjkowski Jan*
Citation : Myjkowski J. (2024). Problems with Bekesy's Traveling Wave Theory. Mathews J Otolaryngol. 3(1):07.

Case Report

Sinonasal Polyposis: Quality of Life After Surgical Treatment: About 21 Cases

Published : 24th November 2023
Authors : Belasri Anas,* Fatima Zahra Essahli, Achraf Amine Sbai, Drissia Benlfadil, Azzedine Lachgar, Adil Abdnbestein, Fahd Elayoubi
Citation : Anas B, et al. (2023). Sinonasal Polyposis: Quality of Life After Surgical Treatment : About 21 Cases. Mathews J Otolaryngol. 2(1):06.

Editorial Article

About the Physiology of Hearing

Published : 16th March 2023
Authors : Myjkowski Jan,* Mielec Polska
Citation : Myjkowski J, et al. (2023). About the Physiology of Hearing. Mathews J Otolaryngol. 2(1):05.

Review Article

Evolution of the Septoplasty: Maximizing Functional and Aesthetic Outcomes in Nasal Surgery

Published : 02nd February 2018
Author : Sean W Delaney11,2
Citation : Delaney SW. (2018). Evolution of the Septoplasty: Maximizing Functional and Aesthetic Outcomes in Nasal Surgery. M J Otol. 1(1): 004.

Research Article

Earwax Phenotype Related to A Risk Factor of Middle Ear Cholesteatoma

Published : 25th October 2017
Authors : Takeshi Kusunoki1*, Hiroshi Nakagawa2, Megumi Tsukamoto2, Yu Toyoda3, Kazusaku Kamiya4, Hiroko Okada4, Satoshi Hara4, Kaori Hatakeyama4, Masayuki Furukawa4, Katsuhisa Ikeda 4
Citation :  Kusunoki T, Nakagawa H, Tsukamoto M, Toyoda Y, et all. (2017). Earwax Phenotype Related to A Risk Factor of Middle Ear Cholesteatoma. M J Otol. 1(1): 003.

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