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Mathews Journal of Case Reports (MJCR; ISSN 2474-3666) is a scholarly journal that publishes on a wider range of clinical and medical topics. Launched in an open-access format, this journal aims to improve health outcomes on a global scale and facilitate sharing of clinical and medical information in the form of case reports to convey best practices in clinical research to medical professionals and researchers alike; the advantage of case reports is that the audience learns from real cases, whereby the findings can be leveraged/extrapolated to real-world cases.

MJCR is a key educational resource that offers a high volume of peer-reviewed case reports in all disciplines and ensures that healthcare professionals and researchers can easily find clinically relevant information on common as well as rare conditions.

MJCR welcomes case reports, procedural videos, and clinical images in all areas of clinical and medical research, including medicine, nursing, surgery, endocrinology, oncology, dermatology, neurology, nephrology, cardiology, dentistry, psychology, psychiatry, orthopaedics, ophthalmology, anaesthesia, medical ethics, and veterinary science. The journal publishes cases that are worthy of discussion, especially those pertaining to decision making, disease management, differential diagnosis, drafting of clinical guidelines, and pathology.

Why publish with us?

High Visibility: 
MJCR is a firm believer in the open-access movement and in ensuring that the published articles are provided a global audience.
Promotion in Social Media: MJCR very aggressively promotes the published articles on social media platforms to ensure higher visiblity.
Rigorous peer review: Every manuscript submitted undergoes a thorough and rigorous double-blind peer-review. This process eliminates subjective judgments and bias from the decision making process.

We welcome all types of articles related to Case Reports. For submission assistance reach [email protected] Please follow the Author Guidelines.

If you are not sure whether your work is suitable for this journal, please email us at [email protected] or call us at +1-606-405–6566

Recently Published Articles
Case Report

Serotonin Syndrome after a Single Dose of Sertraline: A Case Report

Published : 12th May 2022
Authors : Meltem Küçükdağ1*, Nurcan Ünal2
Citation : Kucukdag M, et al (2022). Serotonin Syndrome after a Single Dose of Sertraline: A Case Report. Mathews J Case Rep. 7(1):71.

Case Report

Gallbladder Volvulus a Rare Clinical Presentation, Case Report

Published : 27th April 2022
Authors : Abdollahi Abbas and Ansari Majid*
Citation : Abdollahi A and Ansari M. (2022). Gallbladder Volvulus a Rare Clinical Presentation, Case Report. Mathews J Case Rep. 7(1):70. 

Research Article

Recurrent and Metastatic Papillary Thyroid Microcarcinoma Presenting as Toxic Multinodular Goiter

Published : 30th December 2021
Authors : Shelton Tacang, MD1*, Marcelino Tanquilut, MD2, Emelito O. Valdez-Tan, MD3, Wenceslao S. Llauderes, MD4
Citation : Tacang S, et al. (2021).  Recurrent and Metastatic Papillary Thyroid Microcarcinoma Presenting as Toxic Multinodular Goiter. Mathews J Case Rep.  6(2):69.

Case Report

COVID-19 and Sudden Cardiac Death in a Young Man with Myasthenia Gravis

Published : 01st July 2021
Authors : Maysa Ghayyem1, Sara Haseli1, Shekoofeh Yaghmaei2*
Citation : Maysa Ghayyem, Sara Haseli, Shekoofeh Yaghmaei. (2021). COVID-19 and Sudden Cardiac Death in a Young Man with Myasthenia Gravis. Mathews J Case Rep. 6(2):68.

Case Report

A Rare Case of Peliosis Hepatis in Infancy

Published : 28th January 2021
Authors : Siromahov M1, N Rasheva1, M Georgieva1, V Kaleva2, Hr Hristosova2, P Drenakova3, I Krasnaliev4, B Balev5
Citation : Siromahov M, et al. (2021). A Rare Case of Peliosis Hepatis in Infancy. Mathews J Case Rep. (6)1:67.

Case Report

Secondary Nasolacrimalduct Obstruction Causing Persisting Epiphora

Published : 25th January 2021
Author : Kasim Aljanabi
Citation : Aljanabi K. (2021). Secondary nasolacrimalduct obstruction causing persisting epiphora. Mathews J Case Rep. (6)1:66.

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