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Artificial Intelligence in Plastic Surgery

Denis Souto Valente1,*, Thales Fernando Canabarro Araujo2, Julia Sagaz Silva Michelon3, Sebastiana Aparecida Ferrao Santos Da Silva4, Luisa Rigon Borba5, Vinicius Diniz Lima6, Pedro Bins Ely7

1,7Professor of Plastic Surgery, Surgical Clinics Division, Federal University of Medical Sciences of Porto Alegre, Brazil

2-6Medical Students, School of Medicine, Federal University of Medical Sciences of Porto Alegre, Brazil

*Corresponding author: Dr. Denis Souto Valente, MD, PhD, Professor of Plastic Surgery, Surgical Clinics Division, University Federal of Medical Sciences of Porto Alegre, Rua Antonio Carlos Berta 475 7th floor, Porto Alegre, Zip: 91340-020, Brazil, Tel: (55) 5130612484; Email: [email protected].

Received Date: April 03, 2023

Published Date: May 16, 2023

Citation: Valente DS, et al. (2023). Artificial Intelligence in Plastic Surgery. Mathews J Dermatol. 7(1):20.

Copyrights: Valente DS, et al. © (2023).


Artificial intelligence (AI) has been increasingly used as a tool to improve surgical and diagnostic processes. This study addresses the main applications of AI in plastic surgery, as well as its benefits and challenges. AI allows the customization of treatment according to the individual characteristics of the patient, as well as the early detection of complications and the making of more proactive decisions through the analysis of medical images. Furthermore, AI can improve diagnostic and surgical accuracy, reducing the error rate and improving patient outcomes. However, the adoption of AI in plastic surgery also presents challenges, such as the need for constant training of surgeons in using these technologies and concerns about the safety of patient data. Therefore, it is essential for surgeons to be aware of the benefits and limitations of AI and to be able to integrate it into their work responsibly.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Plastic Surgery, Personalization, Diagnostic Accuracy, Surgical Precision.

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