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Previous Issues Volume 9, Issue 6 - 2024

Unveiling Atypical Appendicitis: A Diagnostic Dilemma

Nayab Mustansar1, Gen Attique ur Rehman Sulehria2, Col Yasser Khan3, Maj Rizwan Rafi4, Dr Aniqa Shahzad5, Dr Nazakat Ullah Khan6

1Resident Radiology, CMH PESHAWAR, Pakistan

2Professor of Radiology and Commandant Radiology, AFIRI-MH Rwp, Pakistan

3Associate Professor Radiology, CMH Lahore, Pakistan


5,6Resident Radiology, AFIRI- MH, Pakistan

*Corresponding author: Dr. Nayab Mustansar, Resident Radiology, CMH PESHAWAR, Pakistan, Telephone: +0992-03355663661, Email: [email protected]

Received Date: June 08, 2024

Published Date: July 02, 2024

Citation: Mustansar N, et al. (2024). Unveiling Atypical Appendicitis: A Diagnostic Dilemma. Mathews J Case Rep. 9(6):172.

Copyrights: Mustansar N, et al. © (2024).


This case study presents a rare and atypical presentation of appendicitis in a 35-year-old female patient. The patient exhibited symptoms that initially mimicked other gastrointestinal conditions, leading to diagnostic challenges and delayed treatment. Through careful examination and diagnostic tests, the patient's condition was correctly identified, highlighting the importance of considering atypical presentations of common ailments.

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