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Previous Issues Volume 7, Issue 2 - 2022

Treatment Tactics for Mobile Phone Addiction

Nadir A Aliyev1,*, Zafar N Aliyev2

1Advanced Training Institute for Doctors named by A. Aliyev, Baku City, U Chagibekov Street, Azerbaijan

2Azerbaijan Medical University, department of psychiatry Baku, Azerbaijan

*Corresponding author: Nadir A Aliyev, Advanced Training Institute for Doctors named by A. Aliyev, Baku City, U Chagibekov Street, Azerbaijan, Phone: +994506228383; Email: [email protected]

Received Date: October 25, 2022

Published Date: November 09, 2022

Citation: Aliyev NA, et al. (2022). Treatment Tactics for Mobile Phone Addiction. Mathews J Psychiatry Ment Health. 7(2):34.

Copyrights: Aliyev NA, et al. © (2022).


Objective: According to the State Statistics Committee of Azerbaijan Republic, there are 4 large mobile operators in the country. There are 108 mobile subscribers per 100 people. In this way, Azerbaijan has become one of the world's most active mobile phone users. Under these conditions, most people are engaged in gambling games, which is in line with the trends taking place in the world. Materials and methods: A total of 50 patients aged 18 to 35 years were examined. All patients were female. Patients were diagnosed according to ICD-11 6C50 gaming disorder - dependence on mobile phones. Patients were examined from January 2021 to July 2022 at the Mental Health Center of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Patients received clomipramine (Anafranil) 300 mg/day (100 mg 3 times a day) and carbamazepine 600 mg/day (200 mg 3 times a day) orally for 6 months. Results: As the follow-up data (6 months) showed, milestones achieved full remission among 50 patients treated with Anafranil and carbamazepine. Respondent analysis was performed using an alternative statistical method. Conclusion: Clinical data indicate a high efficacy of Anafranil and carbamazepine in the treatment of mobile phone addiction. The mechanisms of action of the drug are discussed.

Keywords: Mobile phone, Addiction, Anafranil, Carbamazepine, Therapy

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