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Adherence to Antidepressants. A Review of the Literature

Dra. Maria-Jose Martin-Vazquez*

1Psychiatrist. Mental Health Center Alcobendas, Infanta Sofia Hospital, San Sebastian de los Reyes, Madrid, Spain.

Corresponding Author: Dr. Dra. Maria-Jose Martin-Vazquez, Psychiatrist. Mental Health Center Alcobendas, Infanta Sofia Hospital, San Sebastian de los Reyes, Madrid, Spain, Tel: 608 92 21 60; E-Mail[email protected]

Received Date: 12 Dec 2016  
Accepted Date: 11 Jan 2017   
Published Date: 16 Jan 2017
Copyright © 2017 Vazquez DMJM
Citation: Vazquez DMJM. (2017). Adherence to Antidepressants. A Review of the Literature. Mathews J Psychiatry Ment Health. 2(1): 009.


We have revised literature related to antidepressant adherence published in the last 15 years in Spanish and English. Adherence of antidepressants is a major problem all over the world, which affect response, cost of the illness and risk of relapse. Persistence in the treatment is important to avoid relapses and to ensure remission, but in many cases the lack of accurate information causes an early interruption of treatment. Some other sociodemographic factors seem to be common to bad adherence, as low income, low socioeducational status, severity of depression, difficult access to physicians or to the medication. In some reports factors as gender and age are found as risk factors to adherence, but not in all of them. Cultural beliefs about illness and medication are important in adherence. There is not a unique technic to improve compliance and persistence, even though a near follow-up and a personalized information are critical. Though the fear to become dependent or to the adverse effects is a key factor, new antidepressants have not changed the rate of nonadherence.



Adherence; Antidepressant; Antidepressant Indication; Compliance; Patients' Perception; Treatment Response; Use of Treatment

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