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Previous Issues Volume 4, Issue 2 - 2020

An Overview on Cancer-Fighting Phytochemicals from Selected Medicinal Plants in Bengal

Sanghita Das1,2, Anindita Dey2,3*, Sukhen Das1, Papiya Nandy3

1Department of Physics, Jadavpur University, Kolkata-700032, India

2Department of Botany, Asutosh College, Kolkata-700026, India

3Centre for Interdisciplinary Research and Education, 404B, Jodhpur Park, Kolkata-700068, India

*Corresponding author: Anindita Dey, Department of Botany, Asutosh College, Kolkata-700026, India, E-mail: [email protected]

Received Date: November 07, 2020

Publication Date: December 09, 2020

Copyright: Sanghita D. ©2020.

Citation: Sanghita D, et al. (2020). An Overview on Cancer-Fighting Phytochemicals from Selected Medicinal Plants in Bengal. Mathews J Pharm Sci. 4(2):05.


Bengal possesses a diverse gene pool of ethno-botanically important plant species for alternative medicinal agents. Herbal remedies, also known as botanical medicine, have been recognized as a promising complementary treatment for cancer. In this article, we have methodically highlighted and summarized most popular and effective Bengal plants which possess phytocomponents with anti-cancer properties. Several in vitro as well as in vivo studies demonstrated the details of plant derived metabolites and their promising efficacy against different cancer cell lines. Therefore, recapitulated data about the bioactivity of these phytochemicals, with special emphasis on Bengal medicinal plants will enrich our knowledge about developing carefully designed standardized drug in controlling the carcinogenic processes traditionally over conventional therapies to prevent this global health crisis.

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