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Clinical Study and Analysis Of 700 Cases of Pneumonia in Children

Hui Wen1 , Fang Qu1 , Lei Sun1 , Yajie Lei1 , Rui Wang2 , Tingyuan Gu*2

1Department of Pediatrics, Changan Hospital, Xi'an,710016, P.R China.

2Xi'an Medical University 1401 class of clinical pediatrics, China.

Corresponding Author:Tingyuan Gu, clinical pediatric class 1401 of xi'an Medical University, 710021, P. R China,Tel: (86) 029 -85368194, E-Mail: [email protected]

Received Date: 16 Jan 2018  
Accepted Date: 03 Apr 2018  
Published Date: 09 Apr 2018

Copyright © 2018 Gu T

Citation: Gu T, Wen H, Qu F, Sun L, et al. (2018). Clinical Study and Analysis Of 700 Cases of Pneumonia in Children. Mathews J Pediatr. 3(1): 012.



Pneumonia remains the first cause of the death of the children in China, Mycoplasma pneumoniae (MP) is a particularly common cause of older children and young people, The main pathogens of pneumonia in infants and children are viruses. The mortality rate has remained high. Pneumonia in infant's morbidity and mortality are far higher than those in young adults.The incidence of pneumonia in children is rapid, respiratory symptoms are obvious, and the condition of the disease is progressed rapidly, and other complications can occur. In this paper, 700 cases of pneumonia in Changan Hospital of Xi'an city were summarized, the children and clinical manifestations of the disease is associated with pneumonia diagnosis and treatment in recent years.

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