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Previous Issues Volume 4, Issue 1 - 2019

Application of Youth Self-Report for Age 11-18 for Screening of Mental Disorders in the Adolescence

Marcos Antonio da Silva Cristovam1, Sandra Regina Baggio Muzzolon2, Lucia Helena Coutinho dos Santos3

1Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Western Parana State University, Brazil

2Psychologist, associate professor, Federal University of Parana, Brazil

3Associate Professor of Pediatric Neurology, Federal University of Parana, Brazil

Received Date: Jul 1, 2019
Published Date: Oct 11, 2019

Corresponding Author: Marcos Antonio da Silva Cristovam* Rua Joao de Matos, 1145, bloco B, apto. 09, Coqueiral Cascavel-PR-Brasil, CEP 85807-530, Brazil.

Copyright © 2019 Cristovam MAS

Citation: Cristovam MAS. (2019). Application of Youth Self-Report for Age 11-18 for Screening of Mental Disorders in the Adolescence. Mathews J Pediatr 4(1): 19.



Objectives: Mental Disorders (MD) during adolescence are frequent, causing suffering and dysfunction on the psychosocial and educational development of adolescents. The aim of this survey was to detect the prevalence of MD among pupil of 6th to 9th grade and adolescents of high school by application of Youth Self-Report for ages 11-18 (YSR for ages 11-18).

Methods: a cross-sectional study design was used. After parents and adolescents signed an Free Consent Term, the questionnaires YSR for ages 11-18 were obtained from 3518 teenagers of 6th to 9th grade and adolescents of high school from 38 publics school of Cascavel City-state of Paraná-Brazil. This survey had the approval of the Ethics Committee of Western Paraná State University under protocol CR number 955/2010.

Results: 3682 questionnaires were distribuited and 3518 pupils from 38 publics school filled YSR for ages 11-18, age ranged from 11 to 18 years-old (mean: 13.3years), being female: 2283 (64.9%) and male: 1235 (35.1%). About this total, 2105 (92.3%) girls and 1141 (92.4%) boys were normal. A significant association of males with Activities, Social and Total Competence scales was found. Somatic Complaints and Delinquent Behavior on males and Anxious/Depressed, Agressive Behavior and Externalizing Problems on females had a positive association. Belonging middle adolescence also had significant association with Anxious/Depressed, Aggressive Behavior, Internalizing Problems, Externalizing Problems and Total Problems.

Conclusion: Rating scales of mental symptoms can be helpful in assessing adolescents patients, like YSR for ages 11-18. This study showed that the Somatic Complaints, Anxious/Depressed, Delinquent Behavior and Aggressive Behavior were the most significants.

Keywords: Adolescence, Mental disorder, Questionnaire, Prevalence, Evaluation.

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