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Laparoscopic Colostomy in ASA: An Advanced Rectum Cancer Option

Morelos Adolfo Garcia Sanchez1,Mireya De La Fuente Gonzalez2 ,Alvaro Tomas Ruz Concha3,Jimenez Muñoz Sergio Alejandro2,Santillán Cisneros Gustavo Armando2 , Rosales De La Cruz Jose Gilberto2

Corresponding Author: Morelos Adolfo Garcia Sanchez, General Practitioner and Colonic and Rectal Surgeon at Dr. Gaudencio Gonzalez Garza General Hospital Specialized Medical Unit, La Raza National Medical Cente, Mexico, Tel: 01 (52) 5524-5900; Email: [email protected]
Received Date: 21 Jul 2016 
Accepted Date: 30 Aug 2016 
Published Date: 01 Sep 2016
Copyright ©2016 Garcia SMA
Citation: Garcia SMA, De La Fuente GM, Ruz CAT, Jimenez MSA, et al. (2016). Laparoscopic Colostomy in ASA: An Advanced Rectum Cancer Option.Mathews J Gastroenterol Hepatol 1(1): 003.


The first description of a laparoscopic colon was in the year 1990. The advantages are a postoperative analgesic dose reduction, also a better immune and inflammatory response, besides a shorter recovery time and hospital discharge with a superior esthetic.
Objectives:To describe our experience about mortality, morbidity and / or effectiveness of technical and clinical success, associated with the surgical laparoscopic in patients who have suffered from stoma, in the Department of Surgery of Colon and rectum.
Methods:Descriptive, observational, retrospective and cross-sectional study; with central tendency measures. Describing patients treated with laparoscopic colostomy derivative, the May 2012 to October 2015.
Results:17 patients were diagnosed with rectum cancer in clinical stage IV with the only indication of laparoscopic colostomy of this study; describing the hereditary cancer and clinical background which was 70% of all these cases; delivering a result of 2% morbidity and 0% mortality.
Conclusions:The surgical technique: Laparoscopic colostomy in asa (LCA), with outstanding results obtained from this study in the hospital; it has proved to be a quick, simple, effective, feasible and safe surgical method which nowadays has become unique.


Resection; Ileus; Laparoscopic; Stoma; Colostomy.


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