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The Cytopathologist in the Hospital - Based Fnac Clinic: US Image Guidance is Our New Tool to an Even Better Fnac Practice

Richard William Doughty1 , Vivian Orszagh1 , Berit Gravdehaug2 , Torill Sauer1 *

1Akershus University Hospital, Department of Pathology.
2Akershus University Hospital, Department of Breast- and Endocrine Surgery.
Corresponding Author: Torill Sauer, Department of Pathology, Akershus University Hospital, N-1478 Lørenskog, Norway, Tel: +47 67964599 E-Mail:

Received Date:14 May 2018   
Accepted Date: 29 May 2018  
Published Date: 30 May 2018

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Citation: Sauer T, Doughty RW, Orszagh V and Gravdehaug B. (2018). The Cytopathologist in the Hospital - Based Fnac Clinic: US Image Guidance is Our New Tool to an Even Better Fnac Practice. Mathews J Cytol Histol 2(1): 007.


Cytopathologists performing fine-needle aspirations (FNAC) on palpable lesions has a long history. Palpation guided FNAC still has its place, but an increasing number of lesions are being investigated by ultrasound and ultrasound guided FNAC. Naturally this applies to all non-palpable lesions, however the use of ultrasound in the investigation of non-palpable lesions may provide more representative samples and generally improved diagnostic quality. In a hospital based setting, ultrasound imaging and often also FNAC or CNB (core needle biopsy) have traditionally been the domain of radiologists. Today, ultrasound is increasingly being used in a number of specialities for specific investigations, and may now be regarded as a general investigative tool. Currently few cytopathologists (outside the US) have adopted this practice in a hospital- based setting. In this review we describe the model used at a large university hospital in Norway.


Ultrasound Imaging; US-Guided FNAC; ROSE; Thyroid Cytology; Head and Neck Cytology

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