Mathews Journal of Cancer Science


Current Issue Volume 8, Issue 4 - 2023

Elevating Patient Voices for Enhanced Patient Care Safety

Mwanja Moses*

School of Medicine, College of Health & Medicine, King Ceasor University, Kampala, Uganda

*Corresponding Author: Mwanja Moses, School of Medicine, College of Health & Medicine, King Ceasor University, Bunga Hill, P. O. Box 88, Kampala, Uganda; Tel: +256 756575899; Email: [email protected]; [email protected]

Received Date: October 2, 2023

Publication Date: November 24, 2023

Citation: Moses M. (2023). Elevating Patient Voices for Enhanced Patient Care Safety. Mathews J Cancer Sci. 8(4):46.

Copyright: Moses M. © (2023)


Patient involvement plays a role, in healthcare offering great potential to improve safety. This commentary delves into the significance of engaging patients emphasizing their participation in the healthcare journey making decisions and fostering partnerships. By drawing upon context and existing literature it highlights the impact on safety measures healthcare experiences and the trust patients have in healthcare organizations. The paper then present’s evidence based strategies that address obstacles such as health literacy shared decision making, communication, digital health solutions, patient advisory councils and frameworks. Furthermore it sheds light on the importance of legislation, regulation and enforcement, in this regard. This comprehensive approach aims to cultivate a healthcare environment where patient voices are central, contributing to safer and more compassionate care.

Keywords: Patient voice, care, safety

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