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Cell and Its Water

Martin Vlček1 *

eFunctionality, Prague, Czech Republic Corresponding Author: Martin Vlček, eFunctionality, Prague, Czech Republic E-Mail: [email protected]

Received Date: 17 Jul 2017   Accepted Date: 11 Aug 2017   Published Date: 15 Aug 2017

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Citation: Martin V. (2017). Cell and its Water. Mathews J Cytol Histol. 1(1): 004.


Holistic cytology describes a cell as an object with a holistic control. That is why it must identify quantities and relations what are usual e.g. in living objects as typical representatives of a holistic object. The most typical one is of course the man and it is also the most explored one. A certain problem consists in a fact that this understanding is not yet finally formalized and closed up. As a basis of this holistic approach there are quantities reflecting satisfaction, successfulness and consciousness on the highest level of the structure of control. An object exists to such a measure to what its elements – its building stones – don’t have tendency to leave it. By other words to what they are satisfied inside. An aim of the object to maximize its existence is a substance of relations in its structure of control. On the top and on the beginning of the scheme of control is a control of the satisfaction. It goes about a global satisfaction of the cell what is derived from satisfaction of its elements, from “society” of molecules of water. It evaluates the tendency of elements of the object to leave it. Once it identifies an event what earlier was associated with a critical level of this tendency it starts the process of control as a whole. Its goal is to correct arisen or only menacing situation in the global satisfaction. This correction happens on a basis of consciousness what is an aggregation of distribution of tension, what means of unexpected differences in successfulness of groups of elements. The consciousness of the cell thus represents the global tension where the aggregation arises on a basis of last experiences with meaning of individual tensions. In cooperation with global successfulness of the cell – a feedback from the environment – the border of the cell is controlled and thus the environment is influenced in a desirable manner. In parallel there is a control of successfulness of elements having as a goal their balancing. And at the same time a systemic elimination of unsuccessful elements. These are quite uninvolved molecules of water. A level of successfulness of a molecule of water is given by a level of its involvement e.g. through bridges of hydrogen into surrounding structures. A holistic structure is studied and presented through a structural model of events.

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KEY WORDS: Cell; Water; Holistic; Satisfaction; Successfulness; Consciousness


Presented work stems upon the fact that elements of a cell are molecules of water. That is why these are not some sophisticated and less or more complex structures, e.g. proteins. These are only means for functioning of the cell, for involvement of the water into the process of the control and occasionally of a reproduction.  The work goes from variability of water in terms of dynamics of protons and certainly also of other until now unthought-of events on the border of water with its environment. An apparent simplicity of a molecule of water - only two proton bridges - is not a barrier. It’s an analogy with the number of hands of a man by means of them he involves into surrounding activities, too.  It is probable that mitochondria in the existence of water play Citation: Martin V. (2017). Cell and its Water. M J Cyto. 1(1): 004. 2 in the system quite an extraordinary role. There is an interconnection of an energetic system of the cell, stemming upon ATP and other energetic components and of an energetic system of the water stemming upon dynamics of hydrogen in a broader meaning.


A structural model of events what is in details described in [1] was a strong instrument used for discovering structure of a given object. Firstly it was the Czech macro-economy, secondly the American Stock Markets.  It is a non-econometric model working primarily with the notion of an event. It analyzes given object by predicting its time series and comparing results with the reality. In more detail it is described e.g. in [2]. The forecasting work of the model was made upon approx. 500 000 individual values of stocks, covering seven years of daily events and of many various situations.


The proposed utilization of the term dark matter and to some extent of visible matter is a proposal made upon the basis of the principle “per analogiam”. Also the whole holistic structure of control is used on basis of functioning of a cell using the same principle – per analogiam. The role of the part of the control devoted to the satisfaction is a holistic fact - at least from the point of view of the author. The extension to astronomic terms has to be yet discussed and proved.


Satisfaction - Existence

Existence of a cell is a function of satisfaction of its elements - molecules of water. Their satisfaction manifests itself in a tendency to stay in or to leave the cell. It is necessary to admit that an element of a cell has its “intelligence” and that on a basis of its satisfaction it decides itself. In principle in a cell there are two areas. One of them working with a tension as a function of successfulness of elements and second one working with their satisfaction. In the part working with the satisfaction there happens a treatment of the present one and its comparison with the satisfaction in the past. If an event connected with a negative development of the global satisfaction of the cell is identified, the second part of the cell working with a tension is initiated. It will make such a reconstruction of the system, having in its basis a translation of DNA, leading to a solution of the identified event.  Localization of the part of control of satisfaction is around the control of the process of transcription. Thanks to the factthat the transcription is enclosed into the nucleus it is possible to control it globally. The membrane of the nucleus perhaps plays a role here. The status of molecules of water from cytoplasm is aggregated into the nucleus and upon its membrane. Because the satisfaction is connected with a tendency of a migration it will encoded in an information transported through a stabilizing part of the cytoplasm - different kinds of filaments. In contrast with the consciousness - see later - the aggregation of satisfaction is connected more probably with a shape of nucleic membrane than with a tension on it. The area of the cell manifesting itself with the highest level of stability, means of a tendency of not to migrate, will fundamentally influence the aggregation. It goes about a certain collection of gravitation means of a tendency to stay in, what finally manifests itself on nucleic membrane. Thanks to this a global influencing of the transcription is made, too.  Interference into an individual transcription is already not in competence of the control of satisfaction but of the consciousness.  An area connected with the control of the satisfaction in terms of astronomy the dark matter. From point of view of remainder of the cell events in this part are not observable. Nevertheless through a fundamental though hidden manner influence the control of the whole cell.

Successfulness - Consciousness

Differences in successfulness of elements - molecules of water - and of their clusters are aggregated into the nucleus in a form of a tension. In general it goes about discrepancies in activities mainly followed on membranes. As a sequel of them a control of transcription happens, too.  The consciousness itself is an aggregation of tension from remainder of the cell perhaps for new upon the nucleic membrane. In contrast with the satisfaction it doesn’t go about its shape but about its chemical composition, occupation of channels and of receptors and of a tension in their activity. But the apparatus of the transcription plays a fundamental role there. In cooperation with just the state of the membrane there is an aggregation in such a manner that the transcription evolve as a holistic, systemic process.  The regulatory apparatus of transcription stems upon its own memory, what means upon events verified in the past, and finally forms an output from the nucleus - from the consciousness - in a form of transcripts. Their realization already pertains into another part of control - of restructuralization. That is why it is perhaps possible to say that the genome is a memory of the consciousness and that it represents a reserve of events been in the past useful in solution of events of satisfaction.

A Global Successfulness

For an involvement of the output from the nucleus - means from the consciousness - activity of another global part of control is necessary. This global part evaluates the global successfulness of the cell. This successfulness manifests itself on the state of cytoplasmic membrane what means on the border of the cell with an environment. An evenness of this border - a state without marked tensions on it - is a state of higher global successfulness and vice versa.  Thus the global successfulness is not a sum of e.g. produced secrets or function of a demand for them. But it can less or more correlate with them.  In general an object is successful one if its activity on the environment - and thus also the demand for it - is under its control. Because a tension on the border, what are some points of singularity, is not in an interest of the object, an even border is a manifestation of a successful object. What means of an object having under its control its own border. The border is controlled by the consciousness and among other things it represents an instrument for influencing the environment. At the same time it is used for a communication with it, too. The global state of the border is monitored and a global quantity of successfulness arises. It manifests itself perhaps in the state of the apparatus for reconstruction inside the cytoplasm - filaments of proteins - and influences thus standard biochemical reactions.  That is why a level of successfulness of a cell manifests itself in the level of activity, in different parts differently. The inner framework of the cell plays perhaps its role here and at the same time its role is a memory for transfer of information about successfulness.


Then a reconstruction of productive activity in cytoplasm on the basis of the control from consciousness is initiated by the translation. All the time it goes about a enclosed activity when a reconstruction itself - means a release of proteins and their incorporation into the structure - is only prepared. All the time under an influence of the membrane transferring information about the successfulness of the cell there is an aggregation of inputs into the reconstruction in the endoplasmic reticulum. The reconstruction itself happens only at the moment of release into the cytoplasm. This process is for new controlled, it doesn’t go about isolated ways of translation but about systemic, holistic ones.  As a sequel of the engagement of proteins into cytoplasmic activities at first a removal of tension been aggregated into the consciousness happens. By this way the consciousness recognizes that it goes by a way of adequate activities. Subsequently a solution of the event of satisfaction what stayed behind the process of controlling the existence of the cell happens. It means behind the activation of the consciousness and of the following reconstruction.

An Evaluation of Satisfaction

At the terminal phase there is a repeated evaluation of satisfaction of elements. Probably it will be established that the initial event of satisfaction is no more present and thus just enrolled solution will be stabilized. But another problem in a form of a different event can arise, signalizing a drop of measure of existence - satisfaction of molecules of water. And thus the cycle of activities of the control, this circle of the life of cell, continues on.


Principles of holistic control are applied to the functioning of a cell. At the beginning it was necessary to state molecules of water to be elements of this object. From application of holistic approach followed that satisfaction of them is an important quantity upon what or upon its aggregation and evaluation stems the whole control.


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