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Use of Specific Supplementation for Healing in Surgical Wounds: Case Report

Camila Brandão Polakowski1,2, Roseli Fillus1, Maria Sofia Rosario da Luz2, Carla Simone da Silva1, Vinicius Basso Preti1, Victoria Marzagão Ribeiro3, Valéria Abrahão Rosenfeld3

1Department of Abdominal and Chest Surgery, Erasto Gaertner Hospital, Brazil

2Integrated Spiritist College of Paraná, Brazil

3Nestle Health Science

Received Date: May 03, 2022

Published Date: July 08, 2022

*Corresponding Author: Dr. Camila Brandão Polakowski 201, Jardim das Américas, Curitiba – Brazil, Zip code: 81520-060, Tel: (41) 99179-0984 E-mail: [email protected]

Citation: Polakowski CB, et al. (2022). Use of Specific Supplementation for healing in Surgical Wounds: Case Report. Mathews J Surg. 5(1):16.

Copyright: Polakowski CB, et al. © (2022). 


Introduction: Nutritional deficiency can make wound healing difficult, as it weakens the immune system, decreasing the quality and synthesis of repair tissue. In this way, adequate nutritional support helps in the healing stages, as well as in the patient’s quality of life. Objective: To report a case that presented an experience of using a specific supplement for healing as part of the treatment of surgical wound healing. Method: A hyperproteic supplement was used, rich in arginine and proline, two amino acids that help in tissue recovery, in addition to containing specific vitamins and minerals, indicated for wound healing, together with a special dressing. Results: After 48 days of treatment, the patient developed granulation tissue in the bloody areas (100% granulation tissue). A reduction in depth was observed due to tissue regeneration, an increase in granulation tissue and epithelialization, in addition to a decrease in exudate. And in 82 days, complete healing of the wound. Conclusion: Specific supplementation for healing can contribute to the healing process together with an individualized, high-protein diet and with complementary care such as cleaning the wound and changing dressings, reducing the depth, dimension and visual appearance of the surgical wound.

Keywords: Surgical wound; Healing; Oral Nutritional Supplement; Proline.

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