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Current Issue Volume 7, Issue 2 - 2023

Assessment of Methylergonovine Induced Side Effects in Postpartum Period

Priya Brahmbhatt1,*, Dharti Pandya1, Almash Memon1, Akshay Shah1, Jatin Patel2, Jignesh Patel1

1Indubhai Patel College of Pharmacy and Research Centre, Dharmaj, Anand, Gujarat-388430, India

2Referral Hospital and Samuhik Aarogya Kendra (Canady Hospital), Khambhat, Anand, Gujarat-388620, India

*Corresponding Author: Priya Brahmbhatt, Indubhai Patel College of Pharmacy and Research Centre, A-5, Maheshwari society, Metpur road, Khambhat, Anand, Gujarat-388620, India; Tel: 9081113417; Email: [email protected]


Background: Methylergonovine is a widely used drug in treating and preventing excessive bleeding from the uterus following delivery or caesarean section. There are some significant side effects observed of Methylergonovine in practice. Therefore to improve the patient outcome and to have a better prescribing method, it is necessary to assess the side effects of Methylergonovine. Result: Tachycardia was observed in 67.50% of participants whereas muscle cramp was observed in 17.50% of participants. Approximately 50% of the total participants experienced Nausea and Palpitation. According to the Statistical analysis, no significant difference in all the side effects (Nausea, Vomiting, HTN, Vasoconstriction, Tachycardia, Palpitation, and Muscle Cramps) was found between the primi and multipara groups as the (p-value >0.2050). Conclusion: From the above result, it was found that methylergonovine does not produce any severe and frequent side effects during postpartum periods. Side effects observed are mostly self-treatable and need no intervention. The most frequent side effect observed in this study was tachycardia which was not severe. There was no statistically significant difference between the primi group and the multipara group observed in the side effects after administration of Methylergonovine, so the drug can be used safely in both types of women.

Keywords: Methylergonovine; Post-partum, Side-effects

Abbreviations: HTN: Hypertension; I.V: Intravenous; OR: Odds Ratio

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