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Use of the Endo Retract II © in laparoscopic Colon Surgery

Pérez Lara FJ1 , Hernández González JM1 , Hernández Carmona JM1 , Oliva Muñoz H2

1 Service of Surgery, Antequera Hospital, Málaga

2 Chief of Surgery Service. Surgery Service, Antequera Hospital, Málaga

Corresponding Author: Francisco Javier Pérez Lara, Digestive Surgeon. Antequera Hospital Avda Poeta Muñoz Rojas sn, Tel:637322133; Email:

Received Date: 29 Dec 2017   Accepted Date: 02 Jan 2018   Published Date: 04 Jan 2018

Copyright © 2018 Pérez Lara FJ

Citation: Pérez Lara FJ, Hernández González JM, Hernández Carmona JM and Oliva Muñoz H. (2018). Use of the Endo Retract II © in laparoscopic Colon Surgery. M J Surg. 2(1): 009.



We describe the use of the Endo Retract II © to perform the separation of the small bowel loops in laparoscopic colonic surgery. The idea is to introduce an open compress into the area occupied by the small intestine in such a way that, resting the separator upon it, we can manoeuvre as if it were a hand, thus allowing us to separate the intestinal package and freeing the area of the mesocolon for intervention.



Figure 1: Place an open compress in the area occupied by the small intestine.

Figure 2: Introduce the separator.



Figure 3: Manoeuvre with the separator resting on the compress to expose the mesosigma.



Figure 4: Exposure of the mesosigma.

Figure 5: Exposure of the mesorectosigma in the area of the pouch of Douglas.

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