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The Intellectual Human Eye

Berov G Lyubomir*

Engineer, Independent Innovative Ideas Researcher, Smolyan, Bulgaria

*Corresponding Author: Berov G Lyubomir, Engineer, Independent Innovative Ideas Researcher, Smolyan, Bulgaria, E-mail: [email protected]

Received: July 15, 2019 Published: Jul 31, 2019 Copyright © 2019 Lyubomir BG Citation: Lyubomir BG. (2019). The Intellectual Human Eye. Mathews J Ophthalmol 4(1): 23.



Here are other cases in our world that can be explained by the existence of the intellectual field and the intellectual eye-the third human eye-which in a certain frequency range "sees" this field, understands it and, depending on the need, can communicate through a newly created field with other intellectual objects.

Keywords: Intellectual energy field, Intellectual human eye, Frequency range, Hundredth Monkey, Maharishi effect



Dear reader, to imagine a more complete and comprehensive picture of the world we live in, I propose a hypothesis: the only reality that exists is dark energy. In my hypothesis, dark energy has created our material world and continues to create and shape it through а creating/or simply an intellectual/ energy field. The conscious waves of that Field pierce our world in all directions. About intellectual field concepts such as space and time do not exist. That is why in quantum mechanics there is evidence that it is possible that something you do here can connect instantly with another thing happening there, regardless of the distance. And this can happen at zero time and infinite speed. But is this always the case? I think the technical parameters of the intellectual field are variables and are selected precisely by the intellect. How intellect chooses them and depending on what circumstances only he knows! Probably in some circumstances the intellectual field has zero time and infinite speed, but in others it is with a specific time and certain speed. / Dear reader, I hope that this thought does not seem too heretic/. This is my hypothesis.


And now let's continue on that basis:

All other fields that we know more or less, such as electromagnetic, gravitational, etc., are secondary, acting as a result of or created by the intellectual Field. The Field also gives birth to all visible and invisible matter. In fact it is the idea of God but perhaps from a more scientific /according to me/ point of view. So what are part of the supposed technical parameters of the intellectual field--such as we humans can understand? First of all, we assume that it exists in time and is of certain speed. It should, by analogy, at least for our world, be of a similar nature as the fields mentioned above. That is, its waves have a speed of distribution, amplitude, and frequency. And perhaps it has a carrier particle. From the spectrum of the light we see with our eyes a very small range-from the violet to the red color. Everything else we can detect only by technical means. How are things with the intellectual energy field-can we somehow "see" it? I thing we can, but with another eye, I call it an “Intellectual Eye.


By analogy with the visible light I assume that, through our r intellectual Eye, we can see a micro frequency range of the infinite frequency range of the intellectual field, and, correspondingly, we can absorb only a micro portion of the information, carried by the Intellectual Field. And where is that Intellectual Eye? I don't know for now. But, it is logical to think that Intellectual Eye is closely connected with our intellect, and, hence, our memory, which is a set of electromagnetic and intellectual fields. And since, according to my theory, those waves are broadcast by its creator and existing with greatest intensity near him, because if they are in one of the parts of the brain these fields will draw continuous additional energy. Nature could not allow such "overspending". Probably the Intellectual Eye is somewhere near the brain but still outside it.


When and how does the Intellectual Eye learn to see and assimilate the necessary intellectual information so that we people can exist? There's something interesting here. If we compare the Intellectual Eye with our normal eyes, which start functioning almost immediately after birth, the Intellectual Eye learns to see and understand correctly the intellectual information obtained during the first few years of our lives, or, in simple terms, through our Childhood. This is due to the intellectual and emotional effort of our parents and all other people with whom the child contacts-this is the process of upbringing.


As a result, the Intellectual Eye of the child begins to see, understand and communicate with other people, and at exactly the same frequency range of the intellectual field inherent to adults. That is why we, as humans, perceive our reality and physical world basically in the same (or very similar) way. As an evidence to this statement, we can think of the many known cases when children, due to rare circumstances, were raised by animals. Those children would perceive their reality in the same way as the animal spieces that had raised them. Here's an example: Oksana lived with pack dogs in an abandoned building when it was accidentally found in 1991. She was then 9 years old, and she had lived with the dogs since 6 years.


Her parents were alcoholics and one night they left her outside incidentally. Looking for a place to keep warm, Oksana, stumbled into an abandoned farm and snushed in a huge stray dog. That probably saved her life. When she was found, she behaved like the dogs with which she had spent six years. After years of intense therapy, she was able to reach the skills of a five-year-old. There are many other similar cases described in the literature. These are the so-called "Mowgli" children. Their Intellectual Eye has a different accessible frequency range compared to a normal person. But the opposite scenario is also possible-as a result of special additional upbringing some people can achieve an expansion of the frequency range with which their Intellectual Eye communicates, and hence their abilities become magical, because they can perceive and understand other real physical worlds. This is discussed in the books of Carlos Castaneda but, of course, as Don Juan says-the hero of Castaneda- can be proved only with his own experience.


Here is another case in our world that can be explained by the existence of the intellectual field and the Intellectual Eye: the Intellectual Eye, being the "organ", which, in a certain frequency range, "sees" and understands the Intellectual Field, when needed, can create its own intellectual energy feld, and then use this newly created field to communicate with other intellectual objects.


One example is the story of the Hundredth Monkey: the Japanese macacs Fuskata have been observed in her natural environment for 30 years. In 1952, on the island of Kojare, scientists left sweet potatoes for the monkeys on the sand. The monkeys liked the taste of the potatoes, but not the impurities that adhered to them. An 18-month-female named Aymo found that she could solve the problem by washing the potatoes in a nearby stream. Then she taught her mother how to do it. The friends she played with also learned the trick and taught their mothers. Between 1952 and 1958 almost all monkeys learned how to wash the potatoes. Then something amazing happened. Suppose, at some point, 99 monkeys on the island knew how to wash the potatoes. Let's also assume that one morning the hundredth monkey learned how to do it. Then, let's assume that same night, all hundred monkeys were washing the potatoes before eating them. When the hundredth Monkey added its energy, the breakthrough happened. The most surprising was that this knowledge travelled the ocean without the use of any material means, and the monkeys on the island of Tazmania also mastered the same skill.


Similar cases in humans, are well known, when the intellectual Field of a group of people impacts, from a considerable distance, other large groups of people. Here are some examples related to the Maharishi effect:


In Israel, in the period August-September 1983, the Peace Assembly was held, which aimed to reduce violence in neighbouring Lebanon. In the days when the number of participants increased, the violence and the number of victims in Lebanon fell significantly (by about 76%).


A similar study was conducted in England and the results were again impressive. In 1987, the Mersiside area was the third most serious crime scene. After such an impact the crime rate fell by 40% and the Mersiside became an area with the lowest crime rate in the country. Between 1988 and 1992, there were 255000 fewer crimes committed than the previous four-year period.


Dear reader, the question of studying paranormal phenomena has been of interest for us for centuries. The story knows many more documented cases. In them, however, a person always plays the main role (for example, via using telepathy, or conducting psychokinesis). The thought that in these phenomena we, as individuals, are just microscopic performers is unacceptable to us. But I think this is the reality, and to understand correctly life around us, we need to start from this position and understand our real place. Then we need to understand the existence of both the Intellectual Field, and of our Intellectual Eye, which is the organ we have to "see" the Intellectual Field.

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