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Christmas 2016: Needs and the Realities

Selcuk Sarikaya1

1Department of Urology,Silopi State Hospital, Turkey.

Corresponding Author: SelcukSarikaya, Department of Urology, Silopi State Hospital, Turkey,Tel: +905316274819; Email: [email protected]

Received Date: 21 Dec 2016  

Accepted Date: 21 Dec 2016

Published Date: 23 Dec 2016

Copyright © 2016 Sarikaya S

Citation:Sarikaya S. (2016). Christmas 2016: Needs and the realities. Mathews J Surgery. 1(1): 003.


In this issue, I would like to mention about the main problems, needs and realities for healthcare professionals and especially for surgeons. Surgical residency is a difficult period for physicians and there are lots of problems during this period. Education and practice are the most important parts of surgical residency. When a physician starts the residency period, he/ she wants to be the most capable and active doctor of their branches. Enthusiasm lead physicians for working hard during this period butthey alsoface different type of problems. Several studies were reported in the literature that were indicating the main difficulties of education and social problems. Also lack of standardisation for education is the main problem in most of the European countries and this problem causes lack of confidence at the end of this education period. Surgical residency needs this standardisation so that surgeons would be more confident and capable after they become specialists. After this education period, unfortunately the problems do not end. Doctors that have become specialists face different type of problem seven they are academic or non-academic. In almost all European countries, lack of academic positions make doctor loose their enthusiasm and interest in academic activities. For non-academics, it is nearly the same. When they start to work in any place of their countries, they face different type of problems. They cannot find enough devices or instruments to show their experience they have gained during their residency period. They do not get enough salaries for satisfaction. In some countries, patients have prejudice for doctors and they do not get satisfied with the health service in hospitals. After a time period, snowflakes are growing bigger and doctors are getting unhappy and reluctant. In most of the countries, Ministries of Health do not take enough care of doctors and healthcare professionals. Bigger and comprehensive studies must be conducted in order to reveal the problems of these healthcare professionals so they will be happier and more successful doctors even they are residents or specialists. I wish happier academicians, happier doctors and as a result happier patients within next year for all countries. Get up, stand up and do not give up the fight!

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