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Current Issue Volume 8, Issue 1 - 2024

Pathologies Associated with Pregnancy and Outcomes: About 570 Cases over 12 Months at the Maternity Ward of the Owendo University Hospital (Gabon)

Sima Ole B1,*, Mba Edou SG1, Assoumou P2, Assoume D, U Minkobam2, O Makoyo Komba2, G Madi Tigana1, JA Bang Ntamack2, S Mayi Tsonga2, JF Meye2

1Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Owendo University Hospital: BP: 36444, Owendo, Gabon

2Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Faculty of Medicine of Libreville, BP: 4009, Owendo, Gabon

*Corresponding Author: Sima Ole B, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Owendo University Hospital, 36444, Owendo, Gabon; Tel: +2411707229; Email: [email protected]

Received Date: March 28, 2024

Received Date: April 17, 2024

Citation: Sima Olé B, et al. (2024). Pathologies Associated with Pregnancy and Outcomes: About 570 Cases over 12 Months at the Maternity Ward of the Owendo University Hospital (Gabon). Mathews J Gynecol Obstet. 8(1):35.

Copyright: Sima Olé B, et al. © (2024)


Introduction: Pregnancy associated with pathology is difficult to manage in our context and its outcome is uncertain. Aim: To study pregnancy associated with pathology and the outcome in our context Patients and method: Descriptive, analytical, and retrospectively recruited study carried out in the maternity ward of the Owendo University Hospital from January 1 to December 31, 2021, i.e. 12 months. We included all those with pathology in a progressive pregnancy regardless of gestational age, as well as elective caesarean sections during the period. Socio-demographic and clinical variables, pregnancy outcome, maternal and neonatal outcome. Results: We retained 570 (12.62%). The mean age of pregnant women was 28.8 ± 6.7 years. The inactive accounted for 452 cases (79.29%), 213 (37.37%) were female learners and 430 (75.43%) were from their homes. The reason for hospitalization was elective caesarean section 148 cases (25.96%), premature rupture of membranes 108 cases (18.95%), vasculo-renal pathologies 67 cases (11.75%), threat of preterm delivery 58 cases (10.18%) and anaemia in the context of hyperthermia 55 cases (9.64%). Pregnancy was full-term in 249 cases (43.68%) and 11 (1.92%) were beyond term. Apart from elective caesarean section, the upper route accounted for 51.37% of cases versus 48.6%. Twelve (2.74%) perinatal deaths were recorded as well as 3 (0.52%) maternal deaths. Conclusion: The association of pathology and pregnancy is a source of maternal and perinatal mortality. Corrective actions dictated by the WHO must be implemented.

Keywords: Pathologies, Pregnancy, Caesarean section, Death, Owendo (Gabon)

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