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Cesarean Scar Endometriosis: is Surgical Management Enough?

Ahmed Hassan Sayed Ahmed*

Lecturer of Obstetrics and Gynecology , Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt.

Corresponding Author: Ahmed Hassan Sayed Ahmed, Lecturer of Obstetrics and Gynecology , Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt, Tel: 00201226223822; Email: [email protected]

Received Date: 20 Nov 2018  
Accepted Date: 13 Dec 2018  
Published Date: 17 Dec 2018

Copyright © 2018 Ahmed AHS

Citation: Ahmed AHS. (2018). Cesarean Scar Endometriosis: is Surgical Management Enough?.Mathews J Gynecol Obstet. 3(1): 015.



It is difficult to perform studies with larger series in rare condition. This is a report of my experience in managing cesarean scar endometriosis cesarean scar pregnancy and emphasize the diagnosis and treatment options. I have collected and documented ten patients who underwent surgical wide en bloc excision for cesarean scar pregnancy. Patients’ demographic features, symptoms, and clinical and operative findings were collected. The mean age was 32.4 years. Cyclical pain was documented in eight patients, while two patients presented with noncyclical pain. Menstrual related enlargement of the nodule was observed in six patients. The mean operation time was 20 min. The endometriotic lesions ranged from a diameter of 2 to 7 cm in size. Patients recovered completely, and no recurrence was observed. Four patients suffered from secondary infertility. Complete wide excision of cesarean scar pregnancy is both diagnostic and therapeutic. The most important issues to be considered during surgery is nonspreading endometriosis while manipulation. During the 12 month follow up the four patients who suffered from infertility got pregnant.

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