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Impact of ICON on the Adhesive Microleakage Underneath Orthodontic Bracket

Antônio Soares Lucas Tunes*

Department of Dentistry, Portugal

*Corresponding Author: Antônio Soares Lucas Tunes, Department of Dentistry, Portugal. Tel: 000423-26523-70; E-mail: [email protected]

Received Date: October 28, 2022

Published Date: November 18, 2022

Citation: Tunes ASL. (2022). Impact of ICON on the Adhesive Microleakage Underneath Orthodontic Bracket. Mathews J Dentistry. 6(3):32.

Copyrights: Tunes ASL. © (2022).


Objectives: the aims was to assess the changes in tooth orthodontic bracket interface micro-leakage after applying a caries resin penetrated to the sound enamel tooth surface. Materials and Methods: sixty human maxillary first premolars were collected, randomly separation of the teeth into two groups. The experimental one (treated with ICON) was categorized in to three subgroups (n= 10 each) (ICON in distal water, ICON in cow milk, ICON in Coca cola) while control group was classified three subgroups (n=10) (control in distal water, control in cow milk, control in Coca Cola) incubation time persisted three weeks in total. Results: A one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) produced a significant difference between all experimental groups (ICON in distal water, ICON in milk, ICON in Coca Cola drink) and control subgroups (control in distal water, control in Cow milk, Control in Coca Cola). According to the results of the Mann-Whitney U test, ICON pretreatment tooth samples had significantly lower mean values of microleakage than non-ICON tooth samples. The control group in the energy drink subgroup had the highest mean microleakage value when compared to the other subgroups, whereas the resin infiltrated group in distal water had the lowest mean value. Conclusions: Orthodontic adhesive (control group) revealed that a resin penetrate on a sound enamel surface prior to orthodontic bracket bonding reduced bracket tooth interface microleakage in all examined groups. The ICON-infiltrated surface was discovered to provide a secondary preventive strategy against white spot lesion development and reducing micro-leakage under orthodontic brackets.

Keywords: Caries infiltration, Enamel, ICON, Microleakage, White spot lesion


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