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The Conflict Between Formel and İnformel Structures of the Emergency Departments That Effect the Occupational Satisfaction of Staff

Orhan Derman

Hacettepe University Medical School, Department of Pediatrics Adolescent Medicine, Turkey

Received Date: Jun 21, 2019 Published Date: Jul 23, 2019

Corresponding Author: Orhan Derman, Hacettepe University Medical School, Department of Pediatrics Adolescent Medicine, Turkey. Copyright ©2019 Derman O. Citation: Derman O. (2019). The Conflict Between Formel and İnformel Structures of the Emergency Departments That Effect the Occupational Satisfaction of  Staff. Mathews J Emergency Med 4(1): 33.


Keywords: Emergency Department Officials; Formel and İnformal Structures; Occupational Satisfaction.


CASE REPORT This study addresses the factors that effect the occupational satisfaction of staff working at the emergency department of hospital in Ankara, Turkey. Five differenct district hospital joined to the study. We make face to face interview with 110 participants to the study. As high occupational satisfaction directly reflects work gratification this will then directly increase the satisfaction of the patients that apply to the emergency department of the hospitals. Making the emergency department more functional in the health system leads to the formation of an ordered and more compatible sub-system. Everywhere around the World emergency departments are the most difficult to administer hospital services. At these centers the satisfaction level is ususally below that of the hospitals average.

In this study to measure the level of work gratification the occupation satisfaction scale was applied. Professions, age, sex, marital status, working hours, working hours in the emergency department were questioned.

In the study only those working in the emergency ward according to the occupational group was statistically significant when the occupation satisfaction scale evaluated.

When evaluated according to occupational group, having a high income caused the most occupation satisfaction among specialist’s doctors and nurse’s aides, taking marginal benefit from patients and accepting gifts after their service were nurse’s aides, those most accepting of their occupations nature were the nurses and secretaries, those most satisfied with promotion were specialist’s doctor’s, those with the best communication skills were the nurses and those with the worst residents, the group with the highest satisfaction were the nurses and nurse’s aides. None of the groups expressed any discomfort when working with the other groups.

Marital status age was statistically significant for staff working at the hospital, the study showed there were more single staff between the ages of 20-29.

According to the satisfaciton scale, occupational satisfaciton is related to the informel interest which mostly getting the extra money as a tip. These are very common attitude among nurse’s aides who are working into the emrgency departments. It shows that the system does not work properly by the following this approach.

The another outcome is that counselling is not important for reaching the satisfaction of occupational among doctors. This situation pointed out that the abstract consepts is not important among doctors, mostly of them accept to earning money more important than the the other interest.

This study shows that as the time spent working in the emergency department increases this also increases exhaustion when compared to those working in other parts of the hospital.

Only when conflict between formel and informel stractures of the emergency department are solved will occupational satisfaction of emergency staff increase, this will in turn lead to an increase in gratification in the work place and cause an increase in the quality of service.

Our study showed a diffirence of total occupational and the most important factor affecting this was found to be occupation.

In the end of study we are able to say that have to train the all personel who are working in the emergency department, the medicine is for human. We have to focus teaching conscious to the all workers into the emergency departments.


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