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    Previous Issues Volume 2, Issue 1 - 2017

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    Harmful Impact of the Caffeine in the Oral Cavity

    Preetham Kodimoole*

    1Department of Dental Sciences, Narayana Dental College, Nellore, India.

    Corresponding Author: Preetham kodimoole, Department of Dental Sciences, Narayana Dental College, Nellore, India, Tel: + 09901189035; E-mail:

    Received Date: 02 Mar 2017
    Accepted Date: 02 Mar 2017
    Published Date: 03 Mar 2017
    Copyright © 2017 Kodimoole P

    Citation: Kodimoole P. (2017). Harmful Impact of the Caffeine in the Oral Cavity. Mathews J Dentistry. 2(1): 014.



    What is caffeine? This is a basic question which most probably everyone knows upto a certain extent.
    Caffeine is a CNS stimulant. It is also known as a "double-edged sword". We all consume coffee, soda, energy drinks like red bull, which contains caffeine in considerable quantities. Caffeine is highly useful in small amounts, they are also used in the medicines too.
    Moderate amount is considered safe. Now being a dentist I want to focus particularly in the impact of the caffeine to the oral cavity. Knowing this it will help the readers to restrict how much caffeine we can consume each day.


    Tooth Staining

    Usually the high amount of intakes in caffeine can leave stains behind your teeth. [1] Larger amounts of coffee, tea, soda can certainly cause the teeth yellowish in colour or slightly brownish stains between the tooth as well as in the surface. The amount of reduction in the consumption can help further staining and the damage of the teeth. It is recommended that people use the straw to consume the liquids which are high in caffeine.


    Dental caries

    As the enamel wears off our teeth is vulnerable because of the damage. Large amounts of caffeine results in the degradation and the decaying of the enamel in the teeth. It will increase the enamel in thinning and allowing the under layer to appear, which results in the discolouration of tooth and tooth sensitivity. The lesser the amount of the caffeine consumed, more the teeth remains healthy. Drinking through the straw is the basic solution.


    Teeth Clenching

    Heavy intakes of caffeine is also associated with the stress. Consuming before the bed time is not advised. Teeth clenching can lead to the jaw pain as well as the tooth pain.


    Other side effects
    1. Insomnia
    2. Polyuria



    The topic may appear as silly, but it has a certain long term implications. Although the caffeine provides the refreshment, it is certainly bad for the teeth and the oral cavity. This article is certainly meant to create the awareness which is indirectly related to our daily consumption in day to day life. The depressing in the amount of caffeine consumption will definitely prevent the dental caries and diseases like teeth sensitivity. It is the duty of the certain dentists and the hygienists to educate and create the awareness in the society. Especially it will do a lot of good for children as well, where they may be the chances of amelogenesis and the destruction of the enamel in the developmental stage itself.



    1.Phinney DJ and Halstead JH. (2003). Delmars dental assisting: A comprehensive approach.

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